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Stone Age/Bronze Age

Our exciting new Stone Age and Bronze Age village site is now fully open, catering for groups of up to 36 children to spend a day learning about the lives of our distant ancestors in a period we can truly call the dawn of farming.

During the day the children will get involved in the making of early types of clay pottery, learn how our ancestors grew crops, ground grain to make flour and learned the essential skills of hunting. They will also have the opportunity to try their hands at prehistoric art and handle some original artefacts!

A full day on the prehistoric village costs £14 per child, please contact us for further details or to make a booking.

Click here to download a printable information sheet for our prehistory days.

Click here to download a risk assessment document for our prehistory days.

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Our Tudor Croft offers a unique setting for a full or half day of activities led by two members of our living history team, enriching the study of life in Tudor England.

Full costumes are provided for children and adults. During the course of the visit the children will play the part of Tudor farmers. They will learn about the skills of candle dipping, calligraphy, and making pomanders. They will also learn how to handle a pike as a Tudor soldier.


We are extremely proud to have been awarded significant recognition over the years for the contribution that we have been able to make to the teaching and understanding of history. We work with over 20,000 children a year, either on the site here at Murton Park or in schools across the north of England.

In 2009 the Danelaw Centre for Living History was one of the first organisations nationally to be awarded the quality mark by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. This stringently assessed award recognises the quality of the learning environment created on site and our approach to safety management throughout all our activities.

Dark Age Explorer Days

Dark Age Explorer days are shorter activity days for smaller school groups of up to 34 (and 4 adults free of charge). Led by one costumed member of our Living History team, these days support the study of life in Viking OR Saxon Britain (please specify on booking what topic you would like to focus on). Arriving as new settlers, the children will be taken to their new homes on our dark-age settlement and given appropriate costume. Here they will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the daily life of a Dark Age family as they explore their new homes. They will learn new skills and all about the hard work that was part of daily life. A normal visit is designed to run from 10:00am to 2:00pm although timings can be tailored in advance to suit your requirements and circumstances. The Explorer  Day is primarily self-led by the visiting group leaders, with our member of staff on hand throughout the day to set up and facilitate tasks. Our member of staff directly leads the battle training activity in the area of the site set aside for this purpose.

On arrival, you will be met and greeted by a costumed member of the Living History team who will remain with you throughout the day. Their initial job will be to confirm the details of the day with the senior member of your staff. The children will be welcomed, shown to the toilets and appropriate costumes for children and adults (which go over outdoor clothing) will be given out. This is followed by an initial safety briefing and orientation talk to set the scene for their day. This will include a tour around the village and a talk in the full sized Dark Age Longhouse which will provide the children with an opportunity to think about what daily life was like for our ancestors.

Home Front

An experience of life on the home front, led by two costumed members of the living history team. The children arrive as evacuees and are greeted by the evacuation coordinator from the local branch of the WVS. During the day the children will carry out a range of activities including baking on a ration and ‘make-do-and-mend’ tasks. They will find out how much work was involved on wash day and may help the local farmer by cleaning tack. They will also learn from the local ARP warden the do’s and don’ts of air raid precautions, gas mask drill and how to deal with a fire bomb in a range of practical activities.

Role play, craft activities and scenarios will be used to create a realistic, unforgettable experience for children.

Please note: We do not have any catering facilities, so children and adults will need to provide their own packed lunches.

In School Days

In-School Presentations

A costumed member of our living history staff can visit your school to give a half-day talk on any one of an ever-growing range of topics. These include;
Stone Age/Bronze Age – Romans – Saxons – Vikings – Medieval – Conquistador – Tudors – Spanish Armada – Gunpowder Plot – English Civil War – WWI Trenches – WWII Home front – WWII Battle of Britain
Other topics can be covered – please refer to our leaflet (which can be found below) or please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific requirements. We love a challenge!

Interpreters will give a lively and interesting talk, using many replica artefacts as prompts with question and answers throughout the session. Our aim is to communicate an understanding of what life was like for the ordinary person in particular periods of history.

Each session lasts 2 hours; prices are listed below plus 50p per mile travel expenses from York, Oldham or Leeds.

Group size up to Y6:

  • 1 class (up to 30 children) – £140
  • 2 classes (31 – 60 children) – £160
  • 3 classes (61 – 90) – £180


School Facilities

The Yorkshire Museum of Farming is home to the award winning Danelaw Centre for Living History – a unique educational resource offering on-site or in-school services to schools throughout the north of England. Our team of expert interpreters aim to bring the study of history to life for pupils throughout Key Stage 2.

All schools visiting the site are greeted by costumed staff on arrival and for the majority of our days, a dedicated team of staff will work with your school throughout the day. There is ample car and coach parking available, and toilet facilities are available in the main reception building and in a separate block out on site. Children also have the opportunity to visit the museum gift shop before they leave if this is required (please note, for large groups this can have a significant impact on the timing of your day).

Our facilities on site include a first-century turf and timber Roman Fort, a Dark Age village comprising 20 houses and workshops, a brick built Tudor farm house and garden and a Home Front evacuee centre comprising a farmhouse kitchen, air raid shelter complex, ARP and Home Guard huts and a bomb site.

For further details on the full range of our services, please follow the dedicated links from the menu above. Each page gives an outline of the activities offered under each theme, together with downloadable information leaflets and copies of our in-house risk assessment document.

Please note: We do not offer a catering service for any of our school visits. You will need to bring  packed lunches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our services.

Services For Schools

Since 1992 the museum has played host to a unique Living History Project designed to provide hands-on experiences for (mainly) primary children. Based on the principle ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand’, the idea behind the project is to introduce a practical element to history teaching.

Danelaw offer a variety of educational services linked to the curriculum. We were one of the first organisations nationally to be awarded a Learning Outside the Classroom quality mark, and were awarded  Sandford Awards for excellence in heritage education in 2010 and again in 2015.

Saxon / Viking / Medieval Days

Danelaw Dark Age Village is a unique educational environment that is designed to support the study of life in Saxon, Viking or Medieval England (It is essential that the period focus for the day is specified in advance). Comprising a number of houses, workshops and fields, the village offers an atmospheric learning environment within which children of all abilities can immerse themselves in the chosen topic.

A range of themed visits are available, either as full village days led by a team of our living history interpreters or as ‘Dark Age Explorer’ days led by a single member of our team (please see the separate Explorer Day page for further details).

Period-appropriate costumes are provided and children carry out a range of activities as the villagers of a Dark Ages Settlement. These vary with the type of day booked but may include grinding wheat, weapons training (with blunt, dummy weapons), guard duty, pottery, field and house work. Various visitors arrive during the day to create role play scenarios.

Please Note: We do not have any catering facilities, so all children and adults will need a packed lunch.