Prehistoric School Holiday Activities

Monday July 29th till Friday August 2nd

Since the prehistoric settlement was built during the Summer of 2015 we have had many requests to run activities for visitors.  We decided to wait a bit with it being our newest product on offer to school groups to ensure that everything was working as it should be. We are now delighted to say that this Summer for the first time we will be running prehistoric activities for general visitors to Murton Park.

Each day there will be 3 activities. You’ll be able to make a clay beaker to take home with you, learn prehistoric hunting techniques using practice spears at targets , and hear the story of ‘Otzi the Iceman’ whist sat in a roundhouse.

The activities are taken from our schools programme which is predominantly aimed at a Key Stage 2 audience, 7 to 11 years old. However our experienced staff are very much used to working with mixed ages and abilities during the school holidays to make it fun and educational for all.

Activities will take place at the following times:

11:30 Make a clay beaker

13:00 Prehistoric hunting

14:30 The story of Otzi the Iceman

There is a charge of £1 per child per activity.

*Note that once the activities have begun it may not be possible to join in part way through.