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Danelaw Villagers

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6 Jul - 7 Jul
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Join the Danelaw Villagers on the 6th and 7th of July to experience life as it was over a thousand years ago.

Witness a woodworker skillfully crafting building materials with tools still recognized by modern carpenters, and observe the maintenance of houses in a historically accurate manner. Visit the wise woman’s garden, filled with a variety of plants used for healing, cooking, and more—just remember, she knows the power of each plant, so stay on her good side! Engage with the village children as they play age-old games, and watch as their families prepare meals and repair clothing, all while passing down survival skills to the younger generation.

Feel free to talk with any villager; they’re a welcoming group of Viking settlers eager to share stories of how life has evolved.

This event is FREE with a valid annual pass.

Other dates: 17th/18th August, 14th/15th September, 12th/13th October, 2nd/3rd November

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