Saxon / Viking / Medieval

Danelaw Dark Age Village is a unique educational environment that is designed to support the study of life in Saxon, Viking or Medieval England (It is essential that the period focus for the day is specified in advance). Comprising a number of houses, workshops and fields, the village offers an atmospheric learning environment within which children of all abilities can immerse themselves in the chosen topic.

A range of themed visits are available, either as full village days led by a team of our living history interpreters or as ‘Dark Age Explorer’ days led by a single member of our team (please see the separate Explorer Day page for further details).

Period-appropriate costumes are provided and children carry out a range of activities as the villagers of a Dark Ages Settlement. These vary with the type of day booked but may include grinding wheat, weapons training (with blunt, dummy weapons), guard duty, pottery, field and house work. Various visitors arrive during the day to create role play scenarios.

Please Note: We do not have any catering facilities, so all children and adults will need a packed lunch.

Village Days can accommodate up to 65 children and can be booked

  • A day costs £15 per child.
  • A minimum of 4 adults is required

Click here to download the information leaflet for our Village Days.

Click here to download a risk assessment for our Village Days.

Dark Age Explorer+ Days are aimed at smaller groups of up to 34 children and typically run for 4 hours at a cost of £11 per child. Please see separate page for full details.

The content, costuming and format of our village days can be tailored to reflect life on a medieval manor farm of the 13th or 14th centuries if required.

Click here to download the information sheet for our medieval days.

All of the above prices are plus VAT. This should be reclaimable through your LEA.