Reenactor Archives - Murton Park

The Trailblazers

Your chance to walk through a Western town. You may even see a gunfight.

Meet the Vikings

Jorfor’s Hall Vikings will demonstrate a range of crafts and skills from over 1,000 years ago

Viking Week

The week of 9th-25th August is all about the Vikings

Saxon Week

It’s Saxon Week between 12th-18th August and theres lots to look forward to…

Roman Week

This summer, join us for Roman Week between 29th July – 4th Aug

Medieval Week

We’ve got bucket loads of fun in store for you this summer, starting with Medieval Week.

Jamestown 1622

Learn about the first English settlement in Jamestown, America with Lord Scrope’s Household.

The Frei Compagnie

A living history display of 15th century life during the Wars of the Roses

Havamal Living History

See what daily life was like over a thousand years ago for this chatty bunch of Viking settlers!

Danelaw Villagers

Step back in time and experience the daily life of the Danelaw Villagers, just as it was over a thousand years ago.

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